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Hafr al-Batin Central Hospital: Successful Laparoscopic Colectomy
06 February 2018
​By Allah's Grace, A team of surgeons at Hafr al-Batin Central Hospital has successfully done a laparoscopic full right colectomy and reconnection, for a patient suffering from abdominal pains. After due checkups and x-ray examination, she was diagnosed with a tumor in her right abdomen. In an exploratory procedure, the tumor was precisely located in her right colon; causing obstruction and swelling of her appendix and almost its burst. Then, she had a right colectomy after cutting the vascular supply, connecting her intestine to the colon and removing the resected part through a laparoscopic incision. Thank Allah the laparoscopic surgery has been successful, the patient has been discharged in good health and she is now being followed up by the outpatient clinics.
On the other hand, the Ministry of Health (MOH) has launched the Business Call Center (phone no. 920018090) as a continuous endeavor towards achieving the objectives of the Saudi 2030 Visions; to secure a favorable investment environment through providing optimal services, and to save time and efforts via a flexible mechanism to serve the business sector. The new center comes within MOH's strategic plan, which will greatly contribute to facilitating processes, enhancing the business sector's role in development. "This step is in line with the health system's initiatives under the 2020 National Transformation Program, where partnership with the private sector is a key pillar. Also, the Center will help boost efficient usability and enhance competitiveness. This initiative seeks to increase the private sector's contribution to health care financing.", stresses MOH.
Likewise, the new Center reflects a cutting-edge approach towards business customer care within the private health sector. The Center will provide a suite of services, including: (receiving request to the Ministry, follow up of financial benefits, receiving complaints and inquiries on medical licenses and private health facilities' commitments, any feedback on MOH's performance, and providing information on investment in private health sector.)
In so doing, the Center is designed to boost  satisfaction of both investors and clients of the private health sector. It also aims to streamline business processes at the Ministry, to boost investment, to promote private health facilities' efficiency, to foster trust between MOH and beneficiaries, to secure ongoing communication to create a healthy relation based on partnership, to improve MOH's responsiveness to provide timely assistance.
"Feedback will be received by the Business Call Center during official working hours from 08:00 a.m. to 04:00 p.m. 7 days a week.", MOH adds. the Center serves suppliers of medicines and medical appliances, owners of private health facilities, small and medium health facilities, public contributors to the health sector, national and foreign investors, national health manufacturers, and Service Procurement Program hospitals. The Center also provides its services to suppliers outside the health sector. ​

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