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King Faisal Medical Complex- Taif: Over 2,500 Cases Served
24 January 2018

​During the first term holidays, the Emergency Department of King Faisal Medical Complex- Taif provided therapeutic and ambulatory services to over 2,500 cases, and conducted over 2,700 general surgeries, including 7 cardiovascular and 78 chest surgeries. Also, the complex conducted more than 475 urinary tract surgeries, 288 plastic and burn operations, more than 800 orthopedics, 572 ENT, 180 maxillofacial, 574 pediatrics, 76 neurosurgery and 1,072 eye surgeries.

On the other hand, over the past week, the 937-Service Center handled 4,375 notifications, including 194 hospital transfer requests. The Center also provided 16,345 medical consultations, and received 36,608 incoming calls, including 14, 371 inquiries and 1, 323 requests for smoking cessation treatment.

The Center provides a range of distinctive services, including inquiries about MOH’s services, outgoing and incoming transactions, health services, medical consultations, and hospital transfer requests based on the medical need, in addition to complaints against public and private health facilities. Also, the center receives all patients’ health-related calls, all complaints 24/7, and refers them to the concerned departments at MOH or its branches, as well as all emergency calls; thus, serving as a listening ear for patients to identify their needs and requirements and to meet them.

It is worth mentioning that the 937-Service Center is one of the most important MOH’s initiatives. It aims to provide medical services through its toll-free number, which can be accessed throughout the Kingdom. The center operates based on listening, response, implementation, and analysis. The performance of regional Health Affairs is evaluated by closing citizens' reports and their satisfaction with the services provided. This assessment is published weekly and directly supervised by the Minister of Health.​

Last Update : 26 February 2018 02:50 PM
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