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Sophisticated Surgery Ends a Lady's Sufferings with Skull Base Meningioma
23 January 2018

By Allah's Grace, a specialized team at the neurosurgery center of  King Abdullah Medical City - Makkah has successfully done a rare and highly sophisticated surgery for a lady diagnosed with extended skull base meningioma.

In addition to its location, the meningioma poses a high risk due to its enclosure of her narrowed right vertebral brain artery caused by meningioma pressure. The tumor also enclosed her the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th receptors on the brain stem respectively. It was attached to the anterior cerebral artery. Hence, the medical team decided dividing the treatment plan into three stages:

First: the cerebrovascular interventional radiology team considers fully blocking the vertebral artery inside her meningioma through catheterization. Thank Allah this stage was done without any complications.

Second: a medical procedure was done to excise as much of her meningioma as possible, while maintaining the functions of her brain stem, spine and cranial nerves. These functions were carefully monitored during the surgery; thus, helping the neurosurgeon locate the cranial nerves, avoid them or create paths to remove as much of her meningioma as possible with damaging them.

The operation lasted for 20 hour, including 17 hours for the surgical procedure and 3 hours for preparation; using the latest laparoscopic and navigation technology. Afterwards, clinical tests confirmed the patient's full vital functions, safety and mobility. The MRI results showed that 70% of her meningioma  was excised, with only that part attached to her cranial nerves retained for her safety.

Third: The remaining part of her meningioma will be radiologically treated to prevent its future growth. The patient will be followed up to ensure her safety. Now, she is in good health and is restoring her normal life.​

Last Update : 26 February 2018 02:44 PM
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