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Eastern Health Affairs: Over 25,000 Beneficiaries of Premarital Screening Centers
15 January 2018
According to the Eastern Health Affairs, over the past year (1438H.), the genetically safe marriage program launched by premarital screening centers have achieved positive results, for the second consecutive year; thus, helping curb the spread of hereditary blood diseases.
"Last year, the premarital screening centers in Dammam, Khobar, Al-Qatif, Al-Nuwariyah, Al-Khafji, Baqiq, Al-Qariah Al-Olya and Jubail received 25,443 persons intending to marry; to examine them for hereditary and infectious diseases such as hepatitis B and C, as well as HIV AIDS, and to consult counseling clinics in order to reduce the genetically unsafe marriage, free from thalassemia and sickle cell anemia diseases. The centers provide medical advice to those intending to marry and genetically compatible parties; thus, helping curb the spread of these diseases", stated the Affairs. 
On the other hand, MOH’s Home Medicine Program (HMP) conducted 311,522 visits by 320 medical teams (2,000 visits a day). The service was provided by 213 hospitals across the Kingdom.
Since 1430H., MOH has provided home medicine services through qualified medical teams across the Kingdom to the eligible patients at their homes and among their families; in an endeavor to enhance their physical and mental health conditions, and to give them and their families peace of mind. Also, the program increases the bed usability turn-over; thus, helping MOH serve more patients at less costs.
It is worth mentioning that the home medicine departments and sections across the Kingdom provide healthcare to patients with the engagement of their families, and meet their needs, in terms of medication and devices, which positively reflects on patients’ psychological, social and health conditions.

Last Update : 16 January 2018 02:50 PM
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