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Over 2.7 Million Patients Served by the Eastern Region’s Hospitals
10 January 2018
 According to statistical data disseminated by the Eastern Region Health Affairs, over the past year (2017), the region’s hospitals achieved a qualitative shift in all health specialties and services provided. The hospitals served 2,717,081 patients at emergency departments and outpatient clinics, 59,050 inpatients, in addition to 39,682 dialysis sessions and 12,469 births. 

“The statistics featured 18 hospitals, including Al-Dammam Medical Complex, which served 370,011 cases at emergency department, 259,247 at outpatient clinics, 53,515 at dental clinics, 8,557 inpatients, in addition to 31,818 dialysis sessions. Also, Al-Qatif Central Hospital served 220,330 cases at emergency department, 286,749 at outpatient clinics, 29,590 at dental clinic, 14,544 inpatients, 821 dialysis sessions and 2,616 births. Besides, the Maternity and Children Hospital-Dammam served 163,836 emergencies, 92,868 outpatients, 1,081 cases at dental clinic, 22,910 inpatients, in addition to 7,391 births. As well, Al-Amal Complex for Mental Health-Dammam served 13,469 cases at emergency department, 15,144 at outpatient clinics, and 1,814 at dental clinic, and 2,573 inpatients”, stated the Affairs.

“Moreover, Dhahran Eye Specialist Hospital served 14,408 emergencies, 70,047 outpatients, and 3,195 inpatients, while Dhahran General Hospital served 648 cases at dental clinic and 60 inpatients. Al-Khafji General Hospital served 150,904 patients at emergency department, 37,719 at outpatient clinics, 4,277 at dental clinics, 4,550 inpatients, in addition to 2,392 dialysis sessions and 816 births”, added the Affairs.

“Over the same period, Baqiq General Hospital served 55,947 cases at emergency department, 26,871 at outpatient clinics, 1,657 at dental clinics, 1,158 inpatients, in addition to 2,790 dialysis sessions and 68 births. Mulaijah General Hospital served 32,129 at emergencies, 26,913 outpatients, 1,648 cases at dental clinic, in addition to 36 births. Urayarah General Hospital served 17,303 patients at emergency department, 9,579 at outpatient clinics, 1,436 at dental clinic, 519 inpatients,  42 dialysis sessions and 46 births. Al-Rafi‘ah General Hospital served 23,953 cases at emergency department, 29,826 at outpatient clinics, and 169 inpatients. Al-Qariah Al-Olya Hospital served 92,263 at emergency department, 20,887 at outpatient clinics, and 134 inpatients. Anak General Hospital served 15,382 emergencies, 48,683 outpatients, 817 patients at dental clinic, and 298 inpatients. Safwa General Hospital served 83,406 cases at the emergency department, 34,474 at outpatient clinics, 94 at dental clinic, and 94 inpatients. Ras Tanura General Hospital served 28,447 at emergency department, 9,455 at outpatient clinics, 2,454 at dental clinic, 289 inpatients, in addition to 1,819 dialysis sessions and 10 births. Al-Bathaa Hospital served 11,221 at emergency department and 211 at outpatient clinics. Al-Nuwariyah Hospital served 124,056 at emergency department, 48,254 at outpatient clinics, in addition to 647 surgeries. Al-Jubail General Hospital served 137,162 outpatients, 5,836 inpatients, in addition to 1,486 surgeries”, revealed the statistics.


Last Update : 15 January 2018 12:05 PM
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