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King Abdullah Medical City- Makkah: Successful Artificial Heart Transplant for a Patient in His 30s
10 January 2018
The Cardiac Center of King Abdullah Medial City- Makkah has successfully conducted an artificial heart transplant for a Saudi youth in his 30s. The second-of-its-kind surgery in Makkah region was performed by an integrated medical team featuring an elite of consultant cardiologists. The patient was suffering from cardiomyopathy which impeded his daily routine activities. His condition worsened to the extent that he was unable to work and support his family. Due to his cardiomyopathy and pulmonary edema, he has been hospitalized repeatedly during the pre-transplant years.
The team encountered a number of medical difficulties while preparing the patient for the surgery. However, the team was able to solve them all in collaboration with the hospital's departments and supporting specialties. By Allah’s Grace, the operation has been successful and the patient recovered. Then he was rehabilitated and trained on how to handle the device while performing his daily routines, such as taking a bath… etc. Thank Allah the patient was discharged from the Medical City in a good health.

Last Update : 14 January 2018 02:25 PM
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