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Hafr al-Batin: Paraplegic Patient Saved in 6-hour Procedure
08 January 2018
King Khaled Hospital – Hafr al-Batin has successfully handled an ambulatory case of a patient who fell down from the second floor. After due emergency medical services, clinical checkup, CT and MRI imaging, the patient was diagnosed with syntripsis in his T10-11 of the spine; leading to a spinal damage at the same level, while causing  paraplegia of the lower  limbs and trouble controlling bladder and bowels.

The patient was taken to the operating room for an emergency surgery to release the spinal pressure, to have laminectomy, and to stabilize his T9-T12 vertebrae with screws and titanium stents in a 6-hour surgery which has proven successful by Allah's Grace. After surgery, the patient's muscular power, fumbling, bladder and bowels control improved. Then, the patient was put under rehabilitative physical therapy. Later on, he was discharged fro the hospital after his condition improved, while still under  rehabilitative therapy.

It is noted that the Ministry of Health (MOH) is currently implementing MOH's Performance Program, which aims to boost productivity, performance quality and efficiency of health services in hospitals. The program is in line with the National Transformation Program 2020 towards achieving the Saudi Vision 2030. The program covers 70 hospitals and features over 40 indicators to measure the performance of seven key therapeutic aspects, which have positively reduced the waiting times.


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