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Tabuk Health Affairs: 70,000 Beneficiaries of Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Campaign
07 January 2018
According to Tabuk Health Affairs, the Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Campaign is still underway. Over the past two months, 70,000 persons from all targeted groups across the region have been vaccinated, in addition to providing the seasonal flu vaccines at all healthcare centers and hospitals. Also, a number of vaccination and awareness-raising campaigns have been implemented to raise the awareness on the disease risks and ways of prevention, including 39 at mosques in the region, 18 at mosques in Tabuk, and 21 campaigns at mosques in other governorates. Furthermore, some field vaccination campaigns have been implemented at 12 malls and 40 government bodies (16 in Tabuk and 24 in other governorates).


Last Update : 09 January 2018 03:01 PM
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