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SBCC: Pregnant Woman Saved by Artificial Heart and Lung
07 January 2018
According to Eastern Health Affairs, a medical team at Saud Al-Babtain Cardiac Center -Dammam (SBCC) has successfully saved two female citizens in less than a week. The first lady gave birth to her baby by a c-section, while the second was a five-months pregnant. Both patients had artificial heart and lung (oxygenator) operations.

"SBCC received a lady in her 40s (five months pregnant) who was referred by Melaijah Hospital while put on the ventilator due to respiratory failure. After checkup, she was diagnosed with an urgent need for artificial hearth and lung support. Immediately, the mobile heart-support team was summoned to put her on the artificial lung device; thus, stabilizing her condition. On the other hand, gynecologists checked on the fetus, which also stabilized with its mother. After the patient's lungs were restored normal, she was removed from the ECMO last week. Thank Allah both mother and fetus are in good health and are recovering.", added the Eastern Health Affairs, 

Likewise, SBCC successfully saved a lady in her 30s through the artificial heart and lung apparatus (ECMO) after she had c-section child birth at Dammam Maternity and Children Hospital as she suffered from acute hypotension, circulatory deficiency, pulmonary congestion and cardiomyopathy. Then was taken to the ICU, put on the ECMO machine and given medications for cardiomyopathy by the medical team of Dammam Maternity and Children Hospital. The left ventricular myocardium function was only 10%. The medical team liaised with SBCC's specialists and the Hospital's ICU to immediately put the patient on the artificial heart and lung apparatus. Then she was taken to the SBCC's ICU. 6 days later, her left ventricular myocardium improved to 60% function efficiency. Then, all due tests were done to assess her heart functionality, whereby her heart muscles highly improved. So, she was surgically removed from the ECMO machine. Also, her left femur artery was successfully repaired. Then, she was taken to the impatient ward. She is now in good health, thank Allah.

The Ministry of Health (MOH) has launched recently the (e-health) application to facilitate access to visual medical consultations on smartphones. In so doing, MOH seeks to employ cutting-edge technologies to enhance effective communication with service-beneficiaries, and to allow them get the needed specialized medical consultations.

According to MOH, the first stage of using the new App. will cover Northern Borders, Asir, Tabuk, Jazan, Najran and Al-Jouf Health Affairs. Then, the App. will be used across the Kingdom, by Allah's Leave.

The App. is designed to enable audio-video communication from 9 a.m. to 12 a.m. during working days, as well as weekends from 1 p.m. to 12 a.m. Accordingly, users can login into the application, communicate directly with a specialist, and have their cases diagnosed through the application. Hence, the specialist answers users' inquiries, provide the needed medical consultation and the necessary medical procedure.


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