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Madinah: MOH's Performance Program Boosts Productivity of Five Hospitals
09 November 2017
According to Madinah Health Affairs, MOH's Performance Program has boosted the services of five hospitals, including: Ohud Hospital, Al-Amal Complex for Mental Health,  King Fahad Hospital, Maternity and Children Hospital and Yanbu' General Hospital. The Program has effectively reduced the number of cold cases at the emergency of Ohud Hospital. It's also helped save resources and allocate them to 35% of emergency services. Likewise, the Program has increased initial surgery cases from 29% to 76%; thus, reducing surgery cancellation from 12% to 9%. At Ohud Hospital, the Program has increased the ICU beds for adults from 87% to 93%, and for children from 57% to 100%. Also, the waiting time of the consultation clinic has been reduced from (1:16 minutes) to (1:03 minutes), and finally to 34 minutes after excluding the data of triage clinics.
On the other hand, the Program has implemented CTAS at Al-Amal Complex for Mental Health for emergency cases; thus, organizing work and securing the optimal benefit of available resources. It's has also reduced ed occupancy rates by adding 10 beds, as well as activating social service via effective communication with patients' families to speed up their discharge processes.
AT King Fahad Hospital, the Program has launched new evening clinics to reduce the outpatient clinics' appointments, to allocate and increase emergency doctors in order to reduce patients' waiting time since their arrival, through diagnosis and till departure. The Program has also enhanced the usability of operating rooms of Maternity and Children Hospital. It's also reduced cancellation of scheduled surgeries, boosted the use of MRI appliances, and reduced waiting days of pediatric clinics.
As for Yanbu' General Hospital, the program has reduced patients' waiting time at outpatient clinics from 41 to 17 minutes, as a result of the new registration area. The program has also enhanced the room occupancy rates from 24% to 30%, via certain surgery protocols to ensure optimal use. Besides, outpatient CT reports now takes shorter time than before (from 50 to 20 hours). IN addition, ICU hospitalization of the neonate has been reduced from 7.9 to 5.8 days through a new intermediate care unit. Also, home and rehabilitative care has significantly enhanced patients' discharge every weekend from 8% to 24%. The program has also effectively improved patients' waiting time since their arrival, through diagnosis and till departure (from 60 to 10 minutes only for intermediate cases).
Remarkably, MOH implements a Performance Program, which covers 70 main hospitals. The program features over 40 indicators to measure the performance of 7 key therapeutic aspects, including: (emergency, clinics, surgeries, hospitalization, ICU, radiology and labs.) The program also aims to the skills of health professional to use the indicators and to identify performance improvement potentials, in compliance with patient safety and quality standards.

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