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Health Minister: Media is a Partner in Prevention Enhancement and Patient Accessibility is Our Goal
16 November 2017
"The Ministry of Health (MOH) seeks to change lifestyles, to enhance the prevention of diseases", the Health Minister Dr. Tawfiq Bin Fawzan Al Rabiah stressed in his address to the audience during the open day organized on Wednesday last under the forum (MOH and Media ... Partners in facing Health Challenges). "We all are aware of the role of media to educate the community on all aspects of health. Accordingly, we work hand in hand with media to change lifestyles. Now, people move rarely due to their increased dependence on technological devices.", stated Dr. Al Rabiah
"MOH is currently launching the anti-flu immunization and walking campaigns. We have also partnered with various mass media to cover and promote these campaigns. In Fact, media is playing a great role in enhancing prevention and activating healthy lifestyles.", added Dr. Al Rabiah.
In the same vein, Dr. Al Rabiah said; "The health sector faces untold challenges. Yet, by Allah's Grace, MOH features outstanding professionals; thus, helping us take the right decision in time. Practically, as MOH has positive aspects, we have challenges and further development is still needed in many domains. For example, the Kingdom's specialized hospitals occupy the first rank in the region in terms of organs transplant and treatment of chronic diseases. The same applies to other hospitals. The health sector features current great development. Yet, we still need to enhance patients' accessibility to health facilities. We are working on this big challenge. Also, we will make 9Health) a common lifestyle for all."

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