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Arar Central Hospital: A Man in his 30s Saved from Neck Injury
15 November 2017
A medical team at Arar Central Hospital has successfully saved a man in his 30s suffering from left neck injury. His vital signs were unstable, and he was half-conscious due to hemorrhage and injury. After due clinical checkup, the patient was diagnosed with a sever arterial bleed, hematoma and air bubbles under his tissues. The patient received the needed first aid, then had an angiography on his carotid arteries and veins, which showed a partial cut in his left main carotid artery, dislocation of his trachea, air bubbles under his tissues and neck muscles, as well as a hematoma in the same area.

Immediately, the patient was taken to the operating room, where he had an exploratory surgery - under anesthesia - for his internal jugular vein and the main carotid artery. As a result, he was found with a partial cut and damage to the back wall of the carotid artery just before its branches, in addition to hemorrhage. The bleeding was fast controlled. The patient was given solutions, blood and the needed medications to boost his blood pressure. Then, in a 4-hour surgery, the vascular surgeons repaired the back wall of the patient's main carotid artery and its branches. By Allah’s Grace, the patient was removed from the ECMO machine soon after the operation due to his stable vital signs, as well as his ability to move his limbs and speak.

On the other hand, through a qualitative shift to reach all segments of target audience, MOH has recently launched the first-of-its-kind maternity and children clinic in trade complexes - namely in Hayat Mall, Riyadh. This initiative is designed to activate community's engagement and collaboration with the Ministry of health, to make services available in public places, in addition to providing consultations and awareness activities to outpatients.

The new clinic features triage checkups, early screening of diseases including breast cancer, colon cancer, osteoporosis and hypertension. The clinic also conducts clinical tests, refers cases for further follow-up to reference bodies, boosts having healthy and balanced food, motivates breastfeeding, raises women's awareness, provides consultations, ensure natural child growth, refer children to concerned bodies if needed, stress the importance of balanced food for children based on their age groups, in addition to educating visitors on the vital role of exercising and health enhancement.


Last Update : 12 December 2017 03:23 PM
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