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Jazan Health Affairs: 127 Continuing Education Programs Implemented
15 November 2017
According to Jazan Health Affairs, over the past year, the Academic Affairs and Training Department implemented 127 continuing education programs across the region, benefitting 14,763 medical and technical staff, with 1,288 Continuing Medical Education (CME) hours accredited by the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCHS); thus, recording the highest training rate.

“These life support courses and specialized programs are designed to develop the skills of health practitioners that will be positively reflected on the quality of health services provided to patients. Also, 192 life support programs were implemented at Simulation Center for 3,527 health practitioners to train them on the basic and advanced life-saving skills,” added Jazan Health Affairs.
It is worth mentioning that Jazan features 21 hospitals (with a 2,210 bed-capacity) and 3 specialized healthcare centers.

On the other hand, through a qualitative shift to reach all segments of target audience, MOH has recently launched the first-of-its-kind maternity and children clinic in trade complexes - namely in Hayat Mall, Riyadh. This initiative is designed to activate community's engagement and collaboration with MOH, to make services available in public places, in addition to providing consultations and awareness-raising activities to outpatients.

The new clinic features triage checkups, early screening of diseases including breast cancer, colon cancer, osteoporosis and hypertension. The clinic also conducts clinical tests, refers cases for further follow-up to reference bodies, boosts having healthy and balanced food, motivates breastfeeding, raises women's awareness, provides consultations, ensures natural child growth, refers children to concerned bodies if needed, stresses the importance of balanced food for children based on their age groups, in addition to educating visitors on the vital role of exercising and health enhancement.


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