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WHO Renews its Accreditation of the Saudi National Laboratory for Polio
12 November 2017
The World Health Organization (WHO) has renewed its accreditation of the Saudi National Laboratory for Polio Control (NLPC) for 2017. NLPC has scored high in WHO’s excellency assessment; in compliance with WHO's accreditation requirements. Also, WHO has applauded MOH's great contributions to support the global  polio eradication initiative. WHO has also commended the efforts of NLPC's staff, as well as their contribution to sustain the NLPC's top-quality activities.
This accreditation reflects the outstanding performance progress of lab services to citizens, as well as the NLPC's ongoing interest to secure the highest global accreditation certificates.
The Ministry of Health (MOH) constantly seeks to improve health services, boost patient safety, comply with global performance standards and foster quality basics. Recently, NLPC has been transferred to the National Health Laboratory (NHL) in Riyadh. NLPC is the only lab that has passed WHO's assessment.
It is noted that since 1995, the Kingdom has completely controlled polio and declared the Kingdom as a polio-free state. Saudi Arabia also exerts constant efforts to prevent infiltration of the epidemic from plagued states. Likewise, the Kingdom is the first Arab and Middle East state to use children vaccines, including polio vaccine, with no single recorded case - by Allah's Grace - since 1995 to date.

Last Update : 13 November 2017 03:40 PM
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