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Large Mass Excised from an Infant Head at King Khaled Hospital- Najran
08 November 2017
A team of neurosurgeons at King Khaled Hospital- Najran, has successfully saved a baby with a large mass in the head and part of the neck since birth. It is one of the rare cases in newborns.
According to Najran Health Affairs, the baby, with a more than 2.5kg-brain mass at the back of the head, has been kept in the hospital since her birth. The mass impaired the mobility of her head. After due medical checkups by a neurology consultant and pediatric anesthesia consultant, she was diagnosed with a microcephaly and large mass that includes some tissues and blood vessels of the brain. The team decided to conduct an immediate surgery to excise the blood cyst and at the same time maintain the sensitive tissues of the brain. As per the regular procedures in such delicate cases, her father was notified on the high-risk surgery and his approval was obtained to conduct the surgery due to the fact that some of the brainstem's sensitive tissues are found outside the skull.     
During a 3-hour-surgery, the medical team has successfully excised the non-vital part and maintained the sensitive parts of the brain. The patient condition improved and was discharged from the hospital two weeks after the surgery. Recently, she revisited the hospital in good health and with normal head mobility, thank Allah.

Last Update : 13 November 2017 08:49 AM
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