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MOH: Vitamin (C) and Iron are Essential to Your Body
04 October 2017
In line with MOH's ongoing awareness programs and campaigns on social media, MOH stresses the importance of Vitamin (C) rich foods and their benefit to the human body. In fact, your body needs a specific amount of Vitamin C, 65mlg form women and 75mlg for men.
In an awareness inforgraphic on its twitter page, MOH highlights the best natural sources of Vitamin (C), including paprika, oranges, Kiwi and melon. Medically, there are certain Vitamin (C) deficiency symptoms, such as: fatigue, weakness, slow wound healing, infection, teeth loss, gingivitis, bleeding gums and bruise-coloured spots on the skin.
In the same vein, through a similar infographic, MOH underlines the importance of Iron intakes to build the human body. Daily, a woman needs 15mlg iron and a man 18mlg. Iron carries oxygen to all cells of your body. It is essential in building these cells, and a key component of blood tissues and cells. The best natural sources of iron include: spinach, tomatoes, lentils and brown chocolates. There several iron deficiency (anemia) symptoms, including: pale face, irregular and fast heart beating, shortness of breath, headache, poor appetite, brittle nails, as well as cold hand and feet. Like iron deficiency, hemochromatosis (iron excess) has various risks, such as: vomiting, abdominal pain and irregular heart beating.
MOH launches such awareness activities as part of its continued efforts to ensure safety and health of all individuals,to enhance health awareness, and to instill healthy lifestyles and dietary patterns.

Last Update : 08 October 2017 09:02 AM
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