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King Abdullah Medical City: Girl Saved from Total Paralysis
02 October 2017
A medical team at King Abdullah Medical City has successfully saved a Saudi girl in her 20s from total paralysis of her organs through a rare and sophisticated surgery in her brain, whereby she has restored normal mobility.

The medical team has fully resected a tumor from a very sensitive area at the rear of the cranium. The tumor lied between the brain stem and the spine, as was surrounded by the brain nerves. This substantially vital area controls respiration, swallowing and mobility. 

The patient was diagnosed with tetraplegia. Thus, she was bedridden, and unable to swallow. She also lost her mobility. Due to constant pressure of the respiration center, she could not breathe, some hours before the surgery. So, she was taken to the neurological ICU.

Led by the neurosurgery consultant Dr. Sultan al-Saiari, the operation was precisely mapped by an integrated medical team featuring several specialties. Dr. al-Saiari said, "Due to the big size of the tumor (4kg) and its location before the brain stem, the surgery lasted for 4 hours, in which the tumor was excised through extreme far lateral approach to avoid any sort of damage, even a tiny one. Any damage could put the patient on the ECMO machine, tube feeding and complete paralysis the rest of her life."

"After the operation, the patient had a brain scan, showing complete resection of the tumor. Presently, she is recovering, in good health and restored her mobility. She still needs further physical therapy for full recovery, Allah willing", added


Last Update : 30 November 2017 02:57 PM
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