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Asir Health Affairs Activates School Health Programs
25 September 2017
Asir Health Affairs continues providing all health and awareness services to students through its coordinators in various health sectors. So, several presentations have been organized. Fresh students have also been oriented in collaboration with their schools. Also, many events and health programs have been held before the beginning of the new school year 1438-1439H. 19 school health coordinators have been trained and mandated to a suite of school health programs to boost this system across all health sectors as from day #1 at schools, based on each sector's respective plan, to ensure the right coordination with all schools within their jurisdiction, and to activate their school health programs.

In the same vein, to educate the community, especially parents, awareness-raising messages have been disseminated through the official platforms of Asir Health Affairs on social media, outlining the specs and caveats of school bag, as well as its ideal weight. Hence, these messages have attracted coordinators' engagement who shared them across their sectors respectively for the benefit of all.


Last Update : 30 November 2017 01:47 PM
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