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King Fahd Hospital - Al-Hofouf: Uterine Fibroids Treated with Interventional Radiology
21 August 2017
According to Al-Ahsa Health Affairs, King Fahd Hospital - Al-Hofouf has successfully treated a number of benign uterine fibroids cases using uterine fibroid embolization (UFE). This type of highly advanced surgery has proven successful without any complications.
This treatment uses a form of real-time x-ray called fluoroscopy to guide delivery of embolic agents to the uterus and fibroids. These agents block the arteries that provide blood to the fibroids and cause them to shrink and clear up.
Unlike traditional surgery, general anesthesia is not required. The patient needs clinical observation for one or two days, takes some sedative for a few days after discharged, then she can normally resume her usual activities very shortly.
Follow-up studies have shown that nearly 90 percent of women who have their fibroids treated by uterine fibroid embolization experience either significant or complete resolution of their fibroid-related symptoms. They can become pregnant if they wish. The hospital also conducts several sophisticated therapeutic procedures, including peripheral arterial dilation for diabetic foot patients, stent installation, abscess draining, biopsy taking, as well as treatment of osteoporosis, uterine fibroids, varices, and much more.

Last Update : 22 August 2017 03:09 PM
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