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Ras Tannourah Hospital: Appointment Booking Available 24/7
21 August 2017
According to the Eastern Health Affairs, Ras Tannourah Hospital has started 24/7 appointment booking service for outpatient clinics, in addition to activating the e-prescription initiative for ambulatory department. This step seeks to meet the needs of target users and facilitate their access to the hospital's healthcare services.
"This initiative is also in line with the hospital's developmental steps to enable outpatients - who cannot physically book appointments during official working hours - to reach the hospital at their convenience. In this regard, a new internal medicine clinic has been added.", adds Eastern Health Affairs.
The radiology department of Ras Tannourah Hospital has been enhanced with cutting-edge ultra-sonic apparatus, which can be used for most ultra-sonic screening diagnostics. This device will contribute to providing top-quality screening services for outpatients. Also, the hospital's clinic - since the beginning of this year till end of Shawwal - has dispensed 45,062 outpatient, 60,166 ambulatory, and 700 inpatient prescriptions, with 226,948 drugs prescribed over the same period.

Last Update : 24 August 2017 09:15 AM
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