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(MOH): Professional Courses for 200 Intellectuals and Health Practitioners
02 August 2017
To activate the Community Empowerment Program across the Kingdom by the end of 2017, and in line with MOH's initiative to develop the primary healthcare, MOH has recently organized a series of professional courses entitled: "Training Program to Enhance Intellectuals and Health Practitioners Efficiency", which cover a number of regions and provinces across the Kingdom, These courses provide the groundwork for launching 100 health education clinics by preparing 200 intellectuals and health practitioners.
The health enhancement initiative features two key themes: clinical health education and community empowerment, which seek to boost the community's health awareness by activating the role of intellectuals in primary healthcare centers, along with Community Empowerment Program engagement throughout neighborhoods.
This initiative will help protect the health of individuals and the community to ensure sustainable health for all. Primary healthcare centers will have the necessary clinics. The next years will see more clinics, given the fact that health education is an essentials element of primary health. Health education aims to promote correct health concepts, to improve the community and individual's health, to enable individuals to identify their health issues, to help fix them, to foster healthy behaviors, to reduce diseases and their complications, and to improve individual and collective quality of life.

Last Update : 10 August 2017 10:47 AM
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