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Health Control Centers Activated At Access Points
02 August 2017
As part of its preparations for this year's Hajj, the Ministry of Health (MOH) has equipped many health control centers at air, sea and land access points as from this Dhul-Qa‘dah, to ensure substantive control and application of quarantine rules on various carriers, incoming pilgrims and imported food stuffs to protect the Kingdom against infiltration and spread of infections. Such centers are the front defense line to prevent inbound infectious diseases, by taking precautionary measures towards pilgrims, their luggage and carriers.
According to MOH, health control centers at air, sea and land access points have been enhanced with the necessary equipment to assume their role, including manpower to operate 24/7 during Hajj Season, training concerned staff, as well as cutting-edge isolation rooms to segregate suspected cases before taking them to professional hospitals. MOH has also provided medical supplies (vaccines, preventive drugs etc.), in addition to Hi-Tech ambulances to carry patients to the nearest hospital.
“These centers ensure compliance with health requirements by all incoming pilgrims, mainly those from countries with high epidemic rates of certain diseases, to prevent inbound infections. To do this, MOH inspects pilgrim’s traveling documents that prove their vaccination in their respective countries (international certificate of vaccination). MOH also inspects all carriers (flights, ships, vehicles, busses) to ensure their compliance with health standards. In addition, MOH liaises with concerned authorities of access points to sample food items brought along by pilgrims. Likewise, these centers register incoming pilgrims and report the preventive measures applied both in their countries and access points.”, MOH stresses.
They also implement health awareness activities for pilgrims by distributing educative leaflets, as well as broadcasting awareness-raising programs in different languages on terminal screens. “Health control centers are designed to provide pilgrims with healthcare and ambulatory services during their return to their homelands after performing Hajj.”, adds MOH.

Last Update : 10 August 2017 03:39 PM
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