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10, 326 Cases Served by Najran Dental Specialist Center
02 August 2017
According to Najran Health Affairs, during the first third of this year (1438H), Najran Dental Specialist Hospital (NDSH) served 10,326 outpatients, with 371 by Oral Health Medicine, 1,113 simple oral surgery procedures and 1,113 dental extractions, as well as 1,135 pediatric cases. Also, the Center served 1,984 dental prosthesis cases including 538 removable dentures and 1.446 fixed prosthodontics, 7,613 extraoral and intraoral radiographies, 2,569 orthodontic cases, as well as 1,871 endodontic outpatients.
Notably, NDSH receives outpatients referred by dental clinics of the region's inpatient and outpatient hospitals and healthcare centers.  The Complex also features specialized clinics equipped with cutting-edge dental and medical appliances.

Last Update : 03 August 2017 08:07 AM
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