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Surgery Saves a Girls' Leg from Amputation
26 July 2017
A team of doctors at King Faisal Medical Complex - Taif has successfully saved a girl's leg from amputation, after she had a traffic accident. She developed then post concussive syndrome. She had fractures in pelvis, left femur, lacerated fracture and dislocation in her left ankle. Also, the bones of her right feet were fully exposed; requiring immediate medical intervention to prevent inflammations and amputation.
Due to the acute case of her foot, plastic surgeons - in collaboration with orthopedists and anesthesiologist - decided to perform this operation, which is one of the most difficult surgeries involving bone repair and remodeling. The first-of-it-kind 15-hour surgery in Taif featured transplanting a muscle along with its vein and artery from the patient's back to her right foot after attaching the veins and arteries.
After surgery, the girl receives 24/7 follow up to ensure blood circulation through the transplanted muscle. Thank Allah she is stable, while she is being prepared for adequate soft-tissue coverage of the transplanted muscle.

Last Update : 30 July 2017 01:05 PM
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