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MOH: Efforts to Improve Patient Experience Continue
21 July 2017
Through its qualitative initiative, the Ministry of Health (MOH) seeks to develop work and raise performance efficiency to serve patients. With participation of a number of patients and their families, MOH has started a series of specialized workshops titled: "Challenges Facing MOH's Health Service Users", under the supervision of the Patient Rights and Relations General Department (PRRGD). Two workshops have been held in Riyadh and Al-Jouf; with other regions to follow soon.
The workshops aim to provide opportunity for community members to participate in finding suitable solutions and relay their viewpoints to the MOH’s decision-makers. This is an important step in the process of improving patient's experience.
It is noteworthy that planning to develop and enhance mechanisms of interaction with revisits and their families are among the key responsibilities of the Patient Rights and Relations General Department, in order to ensure providing them with opportunities to express their viewpoints and remarks about the health services provided for them. PRRGD also prepares and develops work policies and procedures pertaining to patients' rights and relations, besides the mechanism of dealing with their complaints and feedback to ensure satisfaction of patients and their families. In the same vein, PRRGD considers complaints and remarks submitted by patients and their families to PRRGD’s head office and other provincial offices, then resolves them in coordination with the concerned authorities in accordance with adopted procedures.

Last Update : 26 July 2017 03:22 PM
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