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427 Patients Benefit from Home Medicine Program in Tabuk
13 July 2017
The Home Medicine Program (HMP) of Tabuk Health Affairs has provided its health services, during Eid Al-Fitr Holiday, to 427 beneficiaries, including elderly patients and people with strokes, chronic respiratory problems, psycho-neurological, urinary and chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and geriatric illnesses. Through an elite of physicians, technicians, physiotherapists, social workers and nutritionists, nine hospitals in Tabuk region have participated in providing their health services to patients in their homes.
It is worth mentioning that each medical team consists of a physician, a nurse, a physiotherapist and a social researcher, to provide healthcare services to patients at their homes; in an endeavor to enhance their sense of safety, comfort and support, while receiving healthcare among their families without having to visit a hospital or a health center, as well as to meet each patient’s health needs, in terms of physical, psychological and social aspects.

Last Update : 18 July 2017 03:16 PM
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