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More than 43,000 Beneficiaries of Services of Tobacco Control Program in Arar over the Current Year
08 June 2017
The Anti-Smoking Clinics Complex in Arar has successfully managed over the eighth months of the current year (1438H) to open a number of 1,440 new medical record for those people willing to quit smoking. The number of people, who visited the complex, amounted to 5,187 persons, of whom a rate of 30% from various age groups quitted smoking, May Allah be praised, while the rest are still under observation. Besides, the complex has conducted 259 awareness-raising events for all sectors of society, and the total number of beneficiaries of theses event amounted to 43,387 persons, as well as distributing a number of 31,846 leaflets. Moreover, the complex has received via its phone a number of 682 calls, including advice request, treatment request, and inquiries about smoking.

Last Update : 12 June 2017 02:55 PM
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