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More than 69,058 Patients Benefited from Emergency Services at King Fahd Hospital in Jazan
06 June 2017
Jazan Health Affairs Directorate stated that king Fahad Hospital in Jazan has provided its services to a number of 69,058 cases at emergency section and 65,037 patients at outpatient clinics (totaling 53 clinics).
It went on adding that the hospital conducted a number of 3,326 different surgeries, 1,950 deliveries, and 72,735 comprehensive laboratory tests at all sections that included immunological, serums, viruses, urine, bacteria, chemical, genetic and toxins tests, in addition to other types of laboratory tests.
Moreover, the Premarital Screening Center has received a number of 2,852 persons, whose test results showed that a number of 2,083 cases are safe, 420 cases are anemia carriers, 20 cases are infected with anemia, 300 cases are suspected to be a carrier of thalassemia, 13 cases are thalassemia carriers, 29 cases are with hepatitis B and 3 cases with hepatitis C. Thus, a number of 975 certificates of compatibility and 95 certificates of incompatibility between the couples have been issued.
Within the same vein, the Radiology Section has conducted a number of 36,862 scans for patients in the various radiology sections, including regular, CT, ultrasound, MRI and nuclear medicine scans. Besides, a number of  6,228 patients benefited from services of the medical rehabilitation section, and the number of therapeutic Sessions amounted to 37,384 sessions, while the number of those people visited the Prosthetic Section amounted to 1,739 patients (at a rate of 3,478 therapeutic sessions).

Last Update : 11 June 2017 03:55 PM
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