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Successful Hysterectomy Surgery Conducted to Woman at Yanbu General Hospital
18 May 2017
A medical team at Yanbu General Hospital has successfully conducted a hysterectomy surgery to a woman in her fifth decade of life with fibroid tumor (weighing 1.5-kg) extending beyond the uterus, who had been suffering from pains for eight months.
The patient had earlier visited the hospital, while suffering from severe pains below the abdomen. After conducting the medical examinations and tests needed for the patient, they showed fibroid tumor extending beyond the uterus; which necessitated surgical intervention. Thanks to Allah, the uterus, tube and right ovary have been removed without any complications or hemorrhage. The surgery took only one hour and a quarter, and the patient’s health status is currently a stable, may Allah be praised.

Last Update : 21 May 2017 03:26 PM
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