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MOH Approved Regulations for Saudi Consultants in the Private Health Sector
13 November 2016
Within the framework of the Ministry of Health’s (MOH) keenness to achieve the optimum utilization of the available human resources in the private health sector with the greatest efficiency and effectiveness, and as part of the MOH’s endeavors to provide high-quality health services, it has approved the regulations for Saudi consultant physicians in the different specialties of the private health sector.
Within the same vein, the MOH has pointed out that the Saudi consultant physician, who has been granted license to work for a private health institution, can work for only another private health institution, along with the first one within the same governorate or region, as long as it is not conflicting with contractual provisions or regulations of the Saudi Ministry of Labor.
Furthermore, the MOH has stipulated in such regulations getting the approval of the health affairs general directorate in the region to allow the consultant to work for the other health institution, only if there is no conflict between the working hours at both institutions, meanwhile providing the health affairs general directorate with the consultant’s working hours at each institution. These regulations also stipulated that health service provided to patients at both institutions not to be affected by such matter, and the consultant has to inform the health affairs general directorate with any renewal or cancellation of the aforementioned license.
Finally, the Ministry stated that these regulations will be implemented at all private health institutions except the one-day surgeries centers.

Last Update : 14 November 2016 02:39 PM
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