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Meeting for MOH Spokesmen in Regions and Provinces to Develop Work and Materialize Vision
10 November 2015
At the presence of His Excellency the Vice Minister of Health, Mr. Hamad Al-Doweila’, the Ministry of Health (MOH) recently held a meeting for its media spokesmen in regions and provinces.
At the outset of the meeting, MOH Spokesman, Faisal Al-Zahrani, said that the meeting aims at discussing the mechanism of developing the work of media spokesmen; getting acquainted with the difficulties they are facing, as well as developing appropriate solutions that promote the work process in those departments. Those solutions are to materialize the MOH vision, and enhance its comprehensive integrated mission for the community in general, and the beneficiaries of MOH services in particular.
Al-Zahrani went on to say that the meeting timing is significant as MOH is expected to reveal its new strategy over the coming period, the matter which will increase the responsibility shouldered by the MOH media spokesmen. Such responsibilities, he added, include enlightening the public about the strategy, and spreading its objectives out all through mass media in order to make citizens aware of their rights of easy access to healthcare services, and remind the beneficiaries of the Ministry's services of their duties towards health facilities and professionals.
Addressing the meeting, the Vice Minister, Al-Doweila’, outlined the features of the new MOH strategy, current trends, and urgent development plans. He shed a light on the denotation and objectives of the MOH's new motto, as well as the Ministry's new organizational structure and its objectives.
After that, His Excellency the Deputy Minister of Health for Human Resources Development, Mr. Abdulhadi bin Ahmad Al-Mansouri, talked about making use of the self-employment programs to secure media cadres for media departments and specialized media training courses, as well as comprehensive solutions that MOH can rely on to overcome the difficulties facing its employees.
Moreover, the meeting featured a special session for public speaking, during which Eng. Muhammad Al-Qahtani told his story of winning the world first place in the field of public speaking. He also discussed the art of public speaking and dealing with media.
Afterwards, the meeting reviewed a number of topics on the agenda and discussed the obstacles facing the media spokesmen and their views about them, as well as the proposed solutions, and preparation of appropriate recommendations to be submitted to the MOH leadership for taking necessary actions thereon.

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