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Al-Doweila’: “Social Networking Websites Measure Official's Response and Interaction”
04 November 2015
His Excellency the Vice Minister of Health, Mr. Hamad Al-Doweila’, said that the world is currently witnessing a revolution in media and social networking websites which represent a tool to measure and test how an official is responsive to and interactive with what published in both of them. He pointed out that the information plays an important and effective role in the delivery of the community message to the official, and vice versa, affirming that truthfulness should be sought to honestly deliver such a message for the sake of public interest.
During his attendance at the annual meeting of the Ministry of Health's (MOH) Media Spokesmen held in Riyadh yesterday (Tuesday), Al-Doweila’ indicated that the increased level of awareness amongst members of the community and improved knowledge of beneficiaries of the services provided by the MOH represent a real challenge which the Ministry is working to overcome, as we all in the MOH are assigned to serve the citizen and fulfill his health needs. He highlighted that the MOH's new strategy, after being approved Allah willing, will represent a road map for the health sector in the Kingdom, as it includes many axes and focuses on the patient's service and care, as well as prevention of diseases and promotion of healthy lifestyles.
On his part, the Deputy Minister for Human Resources Development, Mr. Abdulhadi bin Ahmad Al-Mansouri, explained that the MOH is currently working on the development of the potentials of the Ministry's employees of all categories and endeavoring to develop comprehensive solutions to difficulties facing them in a manner that benefits the MOH and the employee as well. He praised constructive cooperation between the Ministry and government bodies concerned with the workforce.

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