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Emergency Departments of Taif Hospitals Getting Ready to Serve Pilgrims
19 September 2015
Health Emergency Department at Ta'if Health Affairs Directorate has commenced its field plan to serve pilgrims in the roads leading to the Holy Sites. The department has raised its readiness levels, especially at peripheral hospitals, and operated a number of healthcare centers around the clock; to provide pilgrims with top service. All blood banks have been provided with sufficient amounts of different blood groups.  

Sa'eed Al-Zahrani, the Director of Health Emergency and Supervisor of the Hajj Plan in Ta'if Health Affairs Directorate, stated that the field plan for this year's Hajj has been launched, and that it aims to offer the best services to pilgrims, starting from their road to Makkah till they end pilgrimage. He noted that all hospitals raised their readiness, especially ER units and peripheral hospitals on different roads. Health centers have been operated around the clock in Al-Ateef, Radwan, the Airport, Al-Sail Al-Kabir, Miqat Al-Sail, Miqat Wadi Muharram, Al-Sirr, and Al-Baheeta. Governmental and non-governmental hospitals and night-shift health centers are provided with medical teams to work around the clock; to handle any emergency. All blood banks have been provided with sufficient amounts of different blood groups; to be ready in case of emergency.   

Al-Zahrani added that, night-shift health centers have been supported with enough manpower, medical equipment, and different ambulances, noting that 20 personnel have been allocated to serve in Health Emergency Department during their assignment; and follow up on all night-shift centers; pass updated reports to hospitals and officials via a unified wireless network that covers a 200km area. 

Al-Zahrani indicated that all ambulances, in the province and at night-shift health centers, are equipped with wireless communication devices; to facilitate fast information exchange and response in case of emergency. It's noteworthy that coordination is underway between health affairs directorates, the Red Crescent, and the General Directorate of Civil Defense for information exchange and forming task forces in case of different contingencies.  


Last Update : 21 September 2015 03:15 PM
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