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Al-Osaimi: Intensive Training Programs for Nursing Teams at the Holy Sites
19 September 2015
The Assistant Deputy Minister of Health for Supportive Medical Services, Dr. Munirah bint Hemdan Al-Osaimi, confirmed that the MOH's Assistant Agency for Supportive Medical Services has supervised preparation of all appropriate equipment to provide clinical care at the health facilities, with the aim of controlling the quality of health care provided to the Guests of Allah (pilgrims) who are frequenting the MOH's different health facilities in Makkah and the Holy Sites, as well as other cities and provinces which provide health services for pilgrims.  

Al-Osaimi said that preparation of Hajj health facilities is completed. Nursing teams assigned by the Agency to work in the 1436-Hajj season are involved in accomplishing all the tasks assigned to them in this respect. Within this framework, the Hajj Nursing Committee, an affiliate of the Assistant Agency for Supportive Medical Services, makes every effort to provide consultancy and expertise through the committee's central supervisory team, who have completed preparation of the final review program for nursing care, which will be provided now to ensure efficiency of care services during the season and through seven clinical training programs in each of the Holy Sites' hospitals in Mina and Arafat. The nursing care, she said, also includes a series of accredited training exercises on a number of health and nursing skills. "The programs are provided by a number of distinguished nursing instructors Kingdom wide," she said.

Dr. Al-Osaimi pointed out that, so far, the Holy Sites Training Program has reached out to Mina Emergency Hospital and Mina al-Share' al-Jadeed Hospital. The program will continue to provide its services in other hospitals in Mina, Arafat and the remaining Holy Sites. In doing so, MOH seeks to provide distinguished health services and nursing care to the pilgrims. 


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