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Al-Zahrani: MOH Implemented New Developmental Projects for Pilgrims this Year
19 September 2015
MOH spokesman, Fasial bin Sa'eed Al-Zahrani, proclaimed that MOH implemented this year a number of new health and developmental projects in the Holy Sites; to offer therapeutic services to pilgrims, following the directions of the KSA rulers - May Allah protect them- to facilitate Hajj for pilgrims.

Al-Zahrani maintained that the new projects include the re-insulation of the roofs of al-Muaissem Emergency Complex and Jabal Al-Rahma Hospital; and developing the medical gas pipeline system in Arafat General Hospital, and Mina Al-Jisr Hospital. 

MOH spokesman noted that this year, heat exhaustion and sunstroke equipment were updated in health facilities; 208 water sprinkling fans were installed; special places were equipped for heat exhaustion treatment in the Holy Sites hospitals. In addition, MOH allocated funds for medical restoration of hospitals and healthcare centers, and non-medical restoration of utilities in the Holy Sites.

Al-Zaharani stated that His Excellency Minister of Health, Eng. Khalid bin Abdulaziz Al-Falih, and the Deputy Minister of Health for Medical Supply and Engineering Affairs, Eng. Hussein Mahmoud Al-Fakhry, visited the Holy Sites hospitals yesterday to ensure their readiness to serve pilgrims. The visit shows MOH's dedication to facilitate all health services (preventive, therapeutic, and health awareness) to the pilgrims. The Ministry makes sure to follow up on on-going projects, and implement further developmental projects for hospitals and health facilities for this year's Hajj.


Last Update : 29 September 2015 11:35 AM
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