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Jeddah Meetings Introduce the Role of CCC, and the Cooperation between Health Affairs and Hospitals to Prevent Infection
18 September 2015
Health Affairs General Directorate in Jeddah has closed its Command and Control Center (CCC) meetings today (Thursday). The meeting series kicked off on Sunday at the directorate's meeting room, under sponsorship of the Director- General of Jeddah Health Affairs, Dr. Mubarak bin Hassan Assiri.  

Jeddah Health Affairs' official Spokesperson and the Director of MOH Public Relations and Information, Mr. Abdullah bin Ali Al-Ghamdi stated that the first meeting was headed by the Director-General of Jeddah Health Affairs, while the second and third meetings were attended by private hospitals directors and officials. The meetings tackled an overview of the CCC, its activities, and role in prevention of epidemics and viruses, chief among them is MERS-CoV; the mechanisms used to handle infected cases, and how swift communication is coordinated between hospitals without pointless routine.  

Al-Ghamdi indicated that representatives of over 25 public and private hospitals attended the meetings (general director and medical director for each), in addition to data entry clerks, and heads of infection prevention sections at hospitals. The meetings featured several scientific lectures and introductory programs of the scientific, therapeutic, preventive, and research platforms at the CCC. They also witnessed agreement between Jeddah's directorate and hospitals officials on adopting standardized mechanisms and actions in this regard. 

The official Spokesperson said that those meetings were attended by the assistant directors of Health Affairs for Therapeutic Services, Public Health, Planning and Development, plus a number of Jeddah Health Affairs officials and CCC officials in Jeddah Health Affairs.

On his part, Assiri affirmed that his administration ensures on-going communication within its entities and with hospitals; to help facilitate the medical and preventive work that maintains the health and safety of society. He praised the attendance from hospitals officials and directors for showing readiness to cooperate with Jeddah Health Affairs, which attests to their genuine interest in helping prevent all infectious and epidemic  diseases, and protecting society from the spread of such diseases. 


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