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Al-Duweila': “MOH on the Verge of a Quantum Leap towards Achieving its Objectives”
29 June 2015
His Excellency the Vice Minister of Health for Health Affairs, Mr. Hamad bin Muhammad al-Duweila', confirmed that “the Ministry of Health (MOH) is on the verge of radical changes that put the patient at the forefront of its concerns, and contribut to the development of the health services provided to the patients,” adding that the MOH is focusing on development of the health services and the vital role played by the public health, and prevention of diseases, along with development of general and specialized medical services.
He explained that there are currently many challenges, but the MOH has considerable potential for overcoming them, and that he is optimistic and confident in the qualified competencies working for the Ministry, especially given their immense experiences, which are best able to overcome the next phase successfully, Allah willing.
Speaking to well-wishers who congratulated him on his appointment as Vice Minister of Health at the Ministry's Headquarters today morning, he said that the “MOH is going through a very critical stage, especially at the present time, and, Allah, willing there will be a quantum leap in line with the Ministry's designed objectives,” confirming that the human resources are one of the most important resources through which all difficulties will be overcome. 
He urged them to stick to teamwork and institutional work, and embrace the principle of transparency and clarity, stressing the importance of intensifying periodic meetings between the Ministry's employees in order to overcome all difficulties facing them and achieve the vision and mission of the MOH. 
At the beginning of the meeting, he expressed his great thanks and gratitude to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, the Crown Prince and the Deputy Crown Prince, may Allah protect them, on the occasion of the issuance of the Royal Decree appointing him as Vice Minister of Health for Health Affairs. Also he expressed his appreciation to His Excellency the Minister of Health for his continuous support and backing for his efforts.
He called upon all to put forth developmental ideas and proposals, pointing out that he will support every proposal which aims at the interests of the patient, saying, "Our doors are always open for everyone, and we welcome criticisms that contribute to the development of our health services." 
He prayed for Allah to help and guide him, and to be up to the royal confidence and achieve aspirations of the rulers, may Allah protect them, so as to advance the process of health work in our beloved country and contribute to serving the valued citizens. 


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