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MOH Refers 4,608 Patients Including 107 Life-Saving Cases Last Week
17 June 2015
Thanks to Allah, My Referral (Ehalati) Program at the Ministry of Health (MOH) has managed to save the lives of 107 patients and referred 4,608 others during the period from 20th to 26th Sha‘ban 1436H.
This was pointed out by the Supervisor of the Ehalati Program, Mr. Suleiman bin Ahmad Al-Sharie, who revealed that out of the referred cases, 2,798 patients (amounting to 60.7%) were approved, 1,411 cases are still being considered at a rate of 30.6%, 272 cases were treated in the same hospital at a rate of 5.9%, and 127 cases were placed on the waiting list at a rate of 2.8%. Such cases will be handled in the coming period depending on the situation.
Mr. Al-Sharie noted that life-saving cases amounted to 107 at a rate of 2.32%, whereas the emergency cases amounted to 1,002 (at a rate of 21.74%), the hospitalized cases amounted to 1,077 (at a rate of 23.37%), and the cases referred to the outpatient clinics amounted to 2,422 cases (at a rate of 52.56%) of all referred cases.

It's worth mentioning here that ‘Ehalati’ Program is reckoned one of the new e-programs carried out by the Ministry of Health. Advantages of the program include providing medical counseling among physicians in the various medical facilities to study the health situation of the patient without the need for transferring him. It also provides all the logistic and coordination requirements to refer the patient from one medical facility to another. In addition, it provides an accurate archiving and statistic system, which contains information of the referred patients through the program in the Kingdom’s hospitals.


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