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The Health Facilities Infection Control General Department to Participate in the Events of the Saudi Health Exhibition
15 May 2015
The Health Facilities Infection Control General Department will participate in the events of the Saudi Health Exhibition to be held -Allah willing- on Monday at the International Convention and Exhibition Center in Riyadh. The participation will include various educational and awareness activities aiming at raising and boosting the culture of health staff and citizens with regard to the basics of infection control in the health facilities and the adopted scientific means used to combat the spread of infection in the community.
Meanwhile, the Director General of Health Facilities Infection Control, Dr. Hail Mater Al Abdely, said that his department will participate in these events with various educational activities, whereas the second day of this significant health event is allotted to deliver a series of educational lectures highlighting all areas of infection control to be presented by a constellation of specialists in this field from inside and outside the Kingdom.
He pointed out that the first axis of the scientific sessions will discuss the issue of health facilities infection control through various topics, represented in the monitoring of health facilities infection as an appropriate tool to control the infection, besides other lectures on epidemiological readiness and the urgent need of a program for boosting health of the staff of health facilities.
Within the same vein, Al Abdely said that the second session will be on the microbes resisting antibiotics, noting that the session will discuss several important topics about the burden of antibiotic-resistant microbes in the Kingdom and GCC countries, as well as a lecture on how to overcome antibiotics resistance and a lecture on the antibiotics management program.
All the more, Al Abdely explained that the third scientific session will discuss the environment of the health facilities and include several scientific lectures on the quality of water in the health facilities and its role in overcoming health facilities infection and other lectures on the latest developments in the field of central sterilization and the isolation rooms in the health facilities.
Concluding, Al Abdely noted that the Health Facilities Infection Control General Department will participate in this health event with an awareness pavilion within the pavilion of the Ministry of Health including several traditional and innovative interactive media activities, wishing these activities to gain visitors' satisfaction.

Last Update : 18 May 2015 12:30 PM
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