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King Salman Center for Kidney Diseases Organizes Events of Global Handwashing Day
13 May 2015
King Salman Center for Kidney Diseases, represented by its infection control section, organized last week the events of the Global Handwashing Day, under the theme: "Handwashing is the starting point of health care Promotion". The ceremony was attended by Supervisor-General of the Center, Dr. Muhammad bin Nasser Al-Aumi, at the Center's headquarters in Al-Rabwa District, Riyadh. 
By this participation, the Ministry of Health (MOH) reaffirms its keenness to mark the world health days in all its facilities with the aim of making both patients and health professionals aware of the importance of abiding by means of protection against diseases.
The events included an exhibition on correct steps of sustaining hand hygiene, with the participation of the health awareness, nursing and infection control department, as well as the health information department, and the continuing medical education department at King Salman Center for Kidney Diseases. Participants in the ceremony included also the Coronavirus Awareness Campaign, dubbed: "We can stop it," and the MOH's Infection Control General Department, as well as a number of private companies who participated with disinfection and sterilization substances and devices. 
On this occasion, the center organized a number of awareness lectures, in a time span of two days, delivered by specialists from the Infection Control General Department: Dr. Muhammad Al-Gamal and Dr. Hana Hanafi. The Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCHS), it is noteworthy, has accredited 10 hours of continuing medical education (CME) for these lectures.

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