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The Minister of Health Patronizes a Forum on the Best Modern Trends in Supportive Medical Services
12 May 2015
His Excellency the Minister of Health, Eng. Khalid bin Abdulaziz Al-Falih, underscored that the Ministry of Health (MOH), within its vision, mission and action plans, is keen to make the health and safety of the beneficiaries of its services the main axis of its work. 
In a speech he delivered upon his opening of the 2nd Forum of the Assistant Agency for Supportive Medical Services, today (Tuesday) at Marriott Hotel in Riyadh, Eng. Al-Falih said, "The MOH is looking forward to providing its comprehensive and integrated services distinctively through highly professional medical staff, in accordance with a number of indicators which are considered a standard for improved level of service and efficiency." 
He added that the Kingdom has witnessed a rapid growth and great transformation in all fields during the last years, saying that the generous support and great concern shown by our wise leadership to the health sector reaffirm that the sector is at the top of their priorities. "Some people may say that the development of the health sector presents us with a big challenge, but for me it is a wonderful and unique objective for serving our country tangibly," he said.   
He added, “I believe that the development of the health system requires integration and harmony among its three axes: first, health facilities, second, health laws and bylaws, and third, and most importantly, human resources.” So far health facilities are concerned, he said, more than 275 hospitals have been established, with a total capacity of more than 40,000 beds and over 1,000 surgeries a day, in addition to the establishment of more than 2,280 primary health care centers in different villages and cities throughout our beloved Kingdom, providing their services to millions of visitors annually. He expected that the capacity of hospitals will be doubled over the coming years, when the five under-construction medical cities and other health projects will have been completed. They are projected to make easy for the beneficiary to have access to all levels of healthcare, either primary or specialized.    
Dr. Al-Falih explained that the MOH is making unremitting efforts to develop the laws and bylaws governing the administrative and medical work in the health sector and the Ministry is still in need of additional effort to boost the quality of health services, such that contributes to the upgrading of services level and minimizing medical and drug errors as well as increasing productivity. 
Within the same vein, he praised the Council of Minister's decision approving establishment of the Saudi Center for Accreditation of Health Facilities which aims at raising the quality level of the health services, by way of adopting unified standards for all health facilities in the Kingdom.
The Minister of Health stressed that it is so difficult, if not impossible, to achieve qualitative development in the field of health care without paying attention to the human element, pointing out that doctors alone cannot be creative or outstanding in their jobs, no matter how skillful they are, unless they are supported by teams of qualified and distinctive health calibers: nurses, pharmacists, or laboratory and medical devices technicians, and other technical specialties, as well as medical archiving officials, nutritionists, IT specialists and physiotherapists.   
Within the same context, he confirmed that the Ministry is paying great attention to the national competencies through training, internal and overseas scholarships as well as concluding agreements with national and international universities, promising that he will exert every possible effort with all MOH senior officials, working hand in hand to improve the level of training and development for the MOH health staff, or those working in the health domain in the Kingdom at large. He pointed out that they will introduce a number of programs related to pharmacy, nutrition, laboratories and developing the nursing staff and leaders, in addition to projects for improving performance of the technical staff and training them on the use of the accurate and advanced medical devices, as well as educational programs and combating malnutrition.     
Al-Falih underscored the importance of creating conditions conducive to the health staff to achieve integrity and harmony amongst them, by means of investment in the development of appropriate and stimulating working environments for developing personalities of the health cadres, promoting their spirit of initiative and self-learning, and deepening the work ethics that would help them provide proper health care to patients and visitors up to the good and expected level.  
The Minister of Health said that “the Forum seeks to confirm the MOH's keenness to provide an appropriate working environment through which we can exchange ideas and information, review the best international experiences, and get acquainted with the latest organizational and technical developments so as to upgrade the health care level.” He hoped that the Forum will come up with outcomes and experiences that will contribute to the development of the health services, as per the aspirations of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz, the Crown Prince and Deputy Crown Prince, may Allah protect them, meanwhile meeting the health needs for all citizens and residents of this country.  
He extended thanks to the attendees and participants in the Forum, as well as the organizers for their concerted efforts and good organization.
Responding to a question from reporters about utilization of international expertise in the medical field during the next period, he said, "The MOH always pursues outstanding medical expertise from inside and outside the Kingdom, and priority is given to the national staff." He noted that the Ministry has declared availability of about 8,000 vacancies for Saudis, and if the need arises, we will work for recruiting experts from abroad.  
As for the restructuring of the Ministry of Health, Eng. Al-Falih confirmed that there is a long-term strategy still under consideration, and will be announced in a timely manner. And currently we are working on strengthening the capabilities in accordance with the current structure and existing manpower, in addition to completing the under-construction projects, with the aim of upgrading the health services in the long run.
The opening ceremony of the 2nd forum of the Assistant Agency for Supportive Medical Services, which was held under the theme "The Best Modern Trends in Supportive Medical Services," began with a reciting from the holy Quran, followed by a speech by the Assistant Deputy Minister for Supportive Medical Services, Dr. Munira Al-Esseimi who welcomed the Minister and attendees.
In her speech, Dr. Al-Esseimi expressed her happiness that the 2nd Forum is the first MOH event patronized by the new Health Minster, Eng. Khalid bin Abdulazizi Al-Falih, making clear that the 2nd Forum is the continuation of the last year’s 1st Forum, which concentrated on the latest developments in the supportive medical services, and the health practitioners. This year’s conference, she said, aims to put into effect the recommendations put forth by the last year’s forum.  
During the ceremony, the Minister of Health honored the speakers and participants in the Forum, and received a memorial shield from the Assistant Agency for Supportive Medical Services. Also, he honored the Deputy Minister of Health for Therapeutic Services, Dr. Tareef Alaama, and a number of nursing professionals. 
Speakers of the three-day forum, it is noteworthy, include a number of experts in the field of health services, from the USA, the UK, and Jordan, in addition to speakers from Saudi Arabia. 

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