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MOH Issues a Weekly Report on Coronavirus, Records Five Cases Last Week
11 May 2015
The Ministry of Health (MOH) reported in its weekly statement that there were only five Coronavirus confirmed cases in Riyadh, Hofuf ,Taif, Najrab and Abqaiq over the period from May 3rd to 9th 2015 (corresponding to Rajab 14th to 20th, 1436H), namely the 19th International Week.
The MOH highlighted that despite the significant reduction in the number of cases, the Coronavirus season has not finished yet. As a result, the Ministry will remain committed to preset preparations and cooperative efforts with other parties, including the Saudi community and healthcare staff, who are the cornerstone in this regard.
During the same period, 1,246 samples were tested for Coronavirus at the MOH laboratories across the Kingdom. The number of rapid response team’s visits to medical facilities regarding infection prevention and control was eight, while the total number of visits by public health teams to persons in contact with positive cases was five. In addition, the number of persons, who were in contact with positive cases at homes, was seven, and the number of visits by the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) was one. In the same time, the Ministry continued its efforts with a view to spreading health awareness among the society members through the anti-Coronavirus campaign dubbed, “We Can Stop It”.
Within the same vein, the MOH announced that 552 cases from the total of 987 confirmed cases have been cured, a rate of 52.9%.
Moreover, the Command and Control Center (CCC) keeps on its efforts around the clock by carrying out epidemiological surveillance tasks, making sure that all governmental and private health facilities are applying infection control measures as well as coordinating with the relevant governmental sectors, international health organizations, including the World Health Organization (WHO), and think tanks to follow up all developments regarding Coronavirus.
Over and above, the Ministry keeps on its efforts and full coordination with the MOA, to implement anti-Coronavirus awareness campaigns in the gathering places of camels to urge camels’ owners and shepherds to be careful and post them on ways of protection to be adopted when dealing with camels.

Last Update : 12 May 2015 11:42 AM
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