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The High Medical Commission Approves Treatment of New 76 Patients Abroad
03 May 2015
Of all treatment requests referred to it, the High Medical Commission approved in its meeting, conducted last week, treatment of new 76 medical cases abroad. It also approved a decision extending treatment of 80 cases abroad. Locally, the Commission decided referring and extending the treatment of 117 new cases inside the Kingdom, where their treatment is available at the reference and specialized hospitals.
The Director General of Medical Commission and Health Attaché at the Ministry of Health (MOH), Dr. Mesh‘al Abdullah Al-Mesh‘al, explained that the Ministry is adopting a certain approach that achieves justice and equality among Saudis, noting that the patient's health situation and the objective medical opinion are the only criterion taken into account.
He added that the cases are examined by the High Medical Commission, which was established pursuant to the Royal Decree No. 8733, dated 28th October, 1998 (corresponding to 15th Jumada Al-Akher, 1417 H), and acts as an independent and accredited authority not affiliated to the Ministry of Health. He underlined that the MOH is only one member of a wider group comprising all governmental health sectors in the Kingdom, represented by specialized consultants who are nominated by their institutions, and that the Ministry doesn't have any authority over the decision of the commission.
Dr. Al-Mesh‘al went on saying that the commission examines and reviews the patient's reports and health situation, and accordingly considers whether the patient would be treated inside the Kingdom or abroad to ensure his recovery – Allah willing. The commission decides also extending the treatment period abroad according to the recommendation of the treating physician. "In addition," he added, "the commission chooses and coordinates with the proper medical center in the Kingdom to complete and follow up the patient treatment when the medical reason, for which the patient travelled abroad, is resolved.
Within the same vein, Dr. Al-Mesh‘al said that referring patients for treatment abroad takes place according to the royal decrees or a decision by the High Medical Commission mentioned above. He underlined that the decisive factor for approval is the health situation of the patient, the pure medical opinion and the opportunities of treatment and recovery - Allah willing.
It is worth mentioning that number of cases referred by the High Medical Commission to the reference and specialized hospitals inside the Kingdom amounted to about 50,000 cases last year, while the number of cases referred for treatment abroad surpassed 4,400 cases in the same year.

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