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MOH Approves Transfer of 2,915 Employees
30 April 2015
The Ministry of Health's (MOH) Agency of Human Capital Planning and Development issued several resolutions to implement the first e-transfer movement for this year, which included 2,915 employees, representing 43.5% of the total number of applicants, recording 6,698, who applied for various job categories available at the MOH.
The Deputy Minister of Health for Human Capital Planning and Development, Dr. Emad bin Ali Al-Jahdali, explained that such a movement included internal, external and mutual transfers, which were done electronically based on the approved criteria of differentiation, pointing out that the MOH requested the transferred employees to assume their new jobs within 15 days from this date.
Dr. Al-Jahdali added that the MOH's transfer movement is carried out in two periods, whether it was within the region or province, or among health affairs directorates in regions and provinces.
Proceeding from the MOH's keenness to achieve the principle of justice among its employees willing to be internally transferred in the region or externally to other health affairs directorates, the transfer process is done electronically.
The MOH Portal is pleased to communicate with all employees covered by the transfer movement via the following link:, in addition to sending SMS to them.

Last Update : 05 May 2015 03:29 PM
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