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Extraordinary Medical Care for Pilgrims at Mina Emergency Hospital
17 October 2013
High and low blood pressure, strokes, diabetes-related diseases, and run-over incidents have been the most outstanding cases recorded at and received by Mina Emergency Hospital. However, the number of these cases is considerably lower than that of the last Hajj season.
A number of pilgrims hospitalized at the Mina Emergency Hospital have expressed their sincere thanks and gratitude to the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, may Allah protect them, for the strenuous efforts exerted to best serve pilgrims in all fields, and covering all aspects, among which the health aspect manifests itself as the first and foremost.
A 56-year-old Egyptian pilgrim, Saber Hussein, who has been suffering hyperglycemia, has felt acute fatigue and exhaustion for not taking the prescribed medications during Hajj.
He was received by Mina Emergency Hospital, where he was properly treated. He expressed his deep thanks and gratitude for the government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, as the treatment was free of charge.
For his part, a Pakistani pilgrim, Mohamed Iqbal (49 years), who has undergone a cardiac catheterization operation, has been suffering chest pain and heart troubles.
The necessary medical tests have been made, and, in line with the globally approved medical norms, the ECG has been conducted in no more than 30 – 45 minutes, whereupon the physician said that in case the result is positive, the patient will have to be transferred to Kind Abdullah Medical City.
Haj Iqbal said that he hasn't seen something like this before; medical services are provided for pilgrims for free, and the necessary treatment and medications are also offered for free.
“To tell the truth, nowhere have I seen something like that,” he said. He extended thanks and gratitude to the Saudi government, praying for Allah to perpetuate the Kingdom's safety and prosperity, for all the services it offers for pilgrims.
Moving on to Haj Ibrahim Meiah, a 60-year-old Bangladeshi pilgrim, has been received at the hospital while suffering low blood sugar. He affirmed that he was treated conveniently and humanely by all the hospital staff, in a manner that is unprecedented for him.
And it was for this reason that he expressed his deep and sincere thanks.
Still another pilgrim, Mohamed Yaqoot (Indian, 60 years), was received at the hospital while suffering a blood pressure drop. He was astonished to receive the health and medical services for free; something he is not accustomed to at home.
He burst in tears, as a sign of happiness with the free-of-charge treatment. He prayed for Allah to save the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, and confer health and well-being upon him.
Further, Saeed Hejji, a 60-year-old pilgrim from Egypt, who has been suffering a gallstone, said, “The health services provided here are just ineffable. We have been receiving best-quality services since getting into the hospital.
” Meanwhile, he expressed his deep and sincere thanks and appreciation for the Saudi government, for all such efforts exerted to serve pilgrims.
For his part, Haj Mahmoud Ahmed Ibrahim, who has been hospitalized at the Mina Emergency Hospital to undergo a dialysis session, has reaffirmed that the health services provided at  the Holy Sites are of very high level, and that pilgrims enjoy all such ambulatory and therapeutic services provided by the distinguished medical edifices established by the Saudi government. He also thanked the Governors of the Kingdom.

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