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The Minister of Health Declares: this Year's Hajj Season is Safe, Free of Epidemiological Diseases
17 October 2013
​In implementation of the directives of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, HRH Heir-Apparent, and HRH Second Deputy, may Allah protect them, urging to take care of the Hajj performers, and provide the optimal health services for them; to have them Perform their rites in an easy, smooth way.
And out of the Ministry of Health's (MOH) interest in the safety of the Hajj performers, the MOH put on full alert all its human, materialistic, and technical capabilities; in order to provide its health services with all their preventive, therapeutic, ambulatory, and educational aspects included.And to put that into effect, the Ministry of Health (MOH) took a host of precautions, preparations, and procedures with regard to this year's Hajj season 1434h. They are:
First: the National Scientific Committee for Infectious Diseases, made up of a constellation of consulting physicians on the infectious diseases, public health, and family medicine from all the Kingdom's health sectors, set the policies of the preventive work for the relevant infectious diseases and the health requirements those to perform the Hajj rites should enjoy.Andit works on periodically updating them to cope with the global variables and developments.
Second: raising the degree of alertness and preparation with regard to the emergency and developments related to all diseases, especially CoronaVirus, and reinforcing the epidemiological and preventive surveillance procedures in terms of this virus and other diseases.
Third: applying the health requirements for this year's Hajj season to all the Hajj performers coming, with the procedures of Coronavirus included; and intensifying the work of the early epidemiological surveillance: land, sea, and air, through the health monitoring centers.
Fourth: providing all the laboratory equipment and operational materials for conducting all the laboratory analyses and tests necessary for all the viruses and transmitters causing diseases; to that effect, the standard samples program was put into effect and highly technical laboratory devices were provided. Also, the MOH delivered blood and its derivatives. In addition to this, it worked on equipping its laboratories with the devices, solutions, and materials necessary for CoronaVirus; and it tasked the epidemiological surveillance teams and environmental health teams with monitoring food and water.
Fifth: keeping on developing the health centers and therapeutic services such as open-heart surgery section,dialysis section, endoscopy section, intensive care unit, laboratories, and blood banks in Makkah, Madinah, the Holy Sites, and King Abdullah Medical City in Makkah.
Sixth: improving on the ambulatory services and providing them with the latest diagnostic and therapeutic devices; to deliver the field treatment, as well as applying ambulance-tracking system and directing them to serve patients in need of help, in the places where they exist.
Due to the precautions and procedures taken by the Ministry of Health (MOH), and based upon the field survey results, and after viewing reports of the MOH committees; and what the statistics, reports, and indicators showed in terms of the safety of this year's Hajj, and not registering any outbreak of epidemiological or quarantine diseases, may Allah be praised, it is my pleasure to announce that the decision of the Health Committee is the safety of this year's Hajj 1434h/2013, and its being devoid of any epidemiological or quarantine diseases.
We pray Allah, the Almighty, to protect the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, HRH Heir-Apparent, and HRH Second Deputy, make this country safe and secure, accept the Hajj rites of the Hajj performers, and make them return their countries enjoying health and strength.
 Peace and His blessings be upon you

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