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A Specialized Center in One-Day Surgeries Gets Established in Makkah Maternity and Children Hospital
16 October 2013
The Maternity and Children Hospital in Makkah is considered a referential hospital for the whole hospitals in the region, as it comprises a wide range of specialties with a capacity of 621 beds, including 115 beds for women and children’s intensive care.
Dr. Walid Hussein al-Omari stressed that the hospital includes all medical specialties in the field of women surgeries as well as cardiac surgeries and catheterization. In addition, the hospital comprises children’s specialized centers for endoscopy, endocrine, and kidney.
Dr. al-Omari further highlighted that the hospital holds the main center for genetic diseases, stressing that these centers will provide in the future a unique service for the Saudi residents, Allah willing.
Speaking of the new maternity and children section, Dr. al-Omari said that it will be a reference for all hospitals in the region, and it will comprise all medical specialties, and receive all critical and complex cases, especially those cannot be treated in public or private hospitals. 
Dr. al-Omari noted also that the new section includes physicians in all medical fields thankfully.
In addition, there is a specialized center for one-day surgeries in the hospital for women and children; contributing significantly to reducing the number of patients put on the waiting lists.
As for the new services introduced into the hospital, Dr. al-Omari announced that the Health Capsule System has been applied within the hospital, contributing significantly to the rapid access to the results of the laboratory analysis.
The samples are sent automatically to the lab where the results are immediately obtained after the completion of examination according to its type.
Then, the samples are sent back to the sending section automatically so that the physician can check the results and diagnose the case.
Dr. al-Omari further underscored that one of the new procedures that have been introduced to organize the workflow in hospitals is the E-Entry System of outpatients.
In the new system, each patient is given an electronic ticket, enclosing a number, so that he can be examined upon the serial number given to him when attending to the hospital.
Dr. al-Omari stressed that this new system has gained satisfaction of all outpatient visitors.
As for the latest system to be introduced to the hospital, Dr. al-Omari indicated that the Radiology Fax System (electronic archiving) will be applied soon in the hospital, adding that the MOH has accredited the System and installed devices in sections.
Immediately after completion and experiment of the System, it will be launched directly.
Dr. al-Omari expected that this service would help issue the x-rays and reports immediately to be kept in the patient's file.
Hence, the physician can check the reports directly, instead of saving the reports on a CD.

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