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Pilgrims Laud Health Services
16 October 2013
A number of pilgrims hospitalized at the Mina al-Jesr Hospital have expressed their appreciation for the health services provided for them after suffering health disorders while performing the Hajj rites.
A Palestinian pilgrim, Najeh Fayeq Mohamed (67 years old), has suffered an ailment by the end of the Arafah Day, upon which he has been taken to Mina al-Jesr Hospital, where he was diagnosed as having urinary and hepatic disorders. After conducting the necessary medical intervention, he has been receiving medical care until his case has become stable.
Haj Najeh was quoted as saying, “The health services provided for us are such impressive. Close attention was paid to us by all calibers, and we took all the necessary medications until my case became stable, thank Allah.”
He added, “I would like to thank the Government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and the Ministry of Health for all the efforts made in serving pilgrims.”
Dr. Hamad al-Harbi is another pilgrim who suffered health problems while performing the Hajj rites. He was diagnosed as having a gallbladder disorder.
He commended the healthcare services provided for him, affirming that he has received extraordinary health care from all the staff of the Mina al-Jesr Hospital.
Dr. Hamad was exchanging talks with an Indian pilgrim, Abdulmajid Abdulghafour, and Bangladeshi pilgrim, Bekhtar Hussein. They have had comas during the stoning rite, and were wounded as a result of falling.
The two pilgrims affirmed that they perform Hajj for the first time, and notwithstanding the health problems, the are still happy that they managed to perform the Hajj rites.
The two pilgrims expressed their gratitude to the Saudi Government, as represented by the Ministry of Health, for harnessing all such capabilities, and providing best-quality health services for pilgrims.

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