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MOH Applies the Digital Pen System to all Health Facilities
15 October 2013

​His Excellency the General Supervisor of the Hajj Information Technology Committee, Dr. Abdullah Al-Wahaibi, said that the Ministry of Health (MOH) has introduced the Digital Pen System to all facilities affiliating to the Ministry as part of the second phase.


Dr. Al-Wahaibi further noted that the Holy Sites' health centers were using previously paper forms for the patients, which were collected, sorted and used to obtain general information at intervals up to 6 hours in some cases.

In this sense, the Digital Pen System was introduced and applied to overcome the problem of delaying the data entry process in the health centers, and to give more details about the visiting patients and their diagnoses; in an endeavor to offer more statistical and accurate information, through converting the forms of patients from papers into digital models to be transmitted, through a connection between the digital pen and the network, to the database of the statistics program automatically.


Moreover, Dr. Al-Wahaibi pointed out that the health centers were provided with all forms of medical procedures of patients after adding the form of observation and the form of bandage for the previously-applied forms, noting that the new technology will be introduced to 5 health centers in Mina, as well as the health centers in the Holy Mosque in Makkah and the Prophet's Holy Mosque in Madinah.
In addition, Dr. Al-Wahaibi highlighted that the MOH has supplied the Holy Sites hospitals with the forms of outpatients, and linked the Digital Pen System to the Mini Hospital Management Program.
In the same context, Dr. Al-Wahaibi added that the MOH has supplied and applied the Digital Pen System in all Holy Sites' health centers and provided such centers with a number of digital pens for each user, in addition to allocating some alternative digital pens to be used, if necessary.
According to Al-Wahaibi, the number of forms that were distributed during the trial period in a number of health centers in Mina, has reached 55 thousand forms, while the total number of the used forms reached 420547 forms, and the number of the partially-filled forms reached 30366.
Dr. Al-Wahaibi further stated that the total number of the fully-filled forms amounts to 380943, and the number of the remaining forms amounts to 120453 forms.
Finally, Dr. Al-Wahaibi highlighted that the two committees of information technology and statistics were merged in order to help the staff of information technology and statistics to work in a coherent and convergent way through making use of the applied techniques and regulations to obtain and analyze information regularly. As such, we can extract statistics in an accurate, fast and easy way to help us make correct decisions.

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