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Removing a Malignant Tumor with Radioactive Decay for the First Time in Saudi Arabia
15 October 2013
A medical team of the King Abdullah Medical City in the Holy Capital managed to remove a malignant tumor from a patient with radioactive decay, which is drawn on for the first time in Saudi Arabia.
The procedure was conducted by Dr. Taimour Al-Alshi, the oncology surgery consultant; and Dr. Khaled Al-Salman, the radioactive decay consultant; and Dr. Noha Aziz, the X-ray consultant.
They managed to remove a tumor from the breast of a patient without changing its general appearance, or deforming it.
Meanwhile, Dr. Taimour Al-Alshi, the oncology surgery consultant, pointed out that the modern technology is embodied in detecting the tumor place in the breast with the radioactive decay, and then a surgeon removes the tumor while keeping the breast appearance untouched.
He further noted that the procedure is globally credited, and it is applied in Saudi Arabia for the first time.
Within the same vein, he remarked that the old procedure depends on lodging a metal slide to detect the place of the tumor and its associated pains; then a surgeon removes the tumor, along with the sound tissues; to make sure of fully removing the tumor, leading to deformation of the breast after the procedure.
On the other hand, the modern procedure manages only to remove the tumor while maintaining the general appearance of the breast intact. He also added that breast cancer is mostly common among women.
Similarly, Dr. Khaled Al-Salman, the radioactive decay consultant, emphasized that such a procedure is conducted in the King Abdullah medical City, and the radiation applied to a patient does not have effect on them, but it works on pinpointing the place of the tumor accurately, leading to its removal without affecting the sound parts adjacent to the tumor.

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